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CCTV Services include:

  • Speed Domes

  • Static Cameras

  • IP Cameras

  • Covert Camera


  • Full HD Camera

  • Wireless & Wired CCTV Installation

  • DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

  • NVR’s (Network Video Recorders


  • Monitors
  • (1080p + Cameras) 2MP
  • (4K Camera Systems) 8MP
  • Cortex Professional CCTV Systems

CCTV Installation Services Throughout Birmingham

Specialising in the installation and maintenance of security systems, we ensure you choose the right system to safeguard your property from crime. To enquire about our CCTV system installation solutions, please contact our proficient team in Great Barr, Birmingham. We are committed to increasing your property’s security. 


We are committed to increasing your property’s security and making sure that the security system installation process takes into account everything that you require from your security system.

CCTV Installations


By seeking our help, you may find that you can afford a better-quality system than you originally expected. All our products are competitively priced and provide good value for money.

Having made your choice of product, we can then install it. Our team of experts draw on their wealth of experience to install the system to the highest standard. Once installed, we do not forget you. We know that however good the system, glitches can occur and equipment can fail, thus compromising your security, which is why we provide a first-rate aftercare service.

Wireless: We install modern wireless CCTV Systems and are an easy way of quickly installing a CCTV System without the need to run cables around your property with resolutions of around 2.0mp (Full HD).                                 

 Wired: A wired CCTV System can take higher resolutions (definition) of up to 8MP 4K (Ultra High Definition). The advantage of a higher definition is to clearly identify a person’s face, clearly read vehicle registration plates and vehicle signage etc.



Maintenance and repair are essential for the long-term success of any CCTV system. No matter how good the equipment, there is always the chance that operating problems can occur. The risk of an equipment failure is always present. If this happens, then your security is immediately compromised. As soon as a CCTV system goes offline, then the risk of criminal attacks becomes much more likely.

Minimising this risk is important, which is why every business should give priority to setting up a maintenance and repair contract. Careful, thorough, regular checks carried out by expert personnel will ensure that your system will continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Our experts can identify all minor faults in the system before your security is compromised, and it is too late to act.

An added advantage is that by having systems checked and serviced regularly, the equipment will last longer.



Installing CCTV monitoring can make a tremendous difference in your business. Instead of having to deal with security problems after they have happened, you can prevent the problems from occurring. This ensures fewer insurance claims and losses as well as greater management, meaning that you can devote more time to building a successful business.

We can set up a professional CCTV monitoring system in your property to suit your needs. By linking the system into a professional 24-hour monitoring station, you can reduce your overall security costs as the need for mobile or permanent security patrols is decreased.

Unlike human guarding, you cannot threaten CCTV monitoring systems, and they never fall asleep! Using CCTV monitoring also minimises the risk of a false alarm, thus providing greater security and peace of mind.

There is no risk of the alarm on a deserted industrial estate or night-time site triggering as there is always someone watching who will call for help immediately if a problem occurs. We cover all types of locations, including construction sites, factories, schools, and small businesses. Moreover, for added convenience, we also offer customised solutions to suit every building and every budget. By installing a professional CCTV monitoring service with complete BS8418 compliance, you can reduce your overall security costs.

CCTV monitoring linked to remote monitoring stations offers a perfect solution for security-conscious business. Crime prevention becomes the priority, thus saving you time and money.

Cortex platinum CCTV installer


Authorised to specify, install, maintain and service cortex cctv systems.

  • Five star UK designed free mobile app & computer software for remote viewing. Available for both android & apple.
  • Automatic number plate recognition. Record & search number plates in day and night applications.
  • Facial recognition – the next level of business security utlising artificial intelligence.
  • ntel processors inside. cortex utilise intel 13, 17 & xeon deep learning processors, maximising performance.
  • There’s no compromise with quality. US & UK software and hardware development.
  • Plug & play, two click operation. Our CCTV systems are simple to use and easy to navigate.
  • UK sales & technical support provided with each and every CCTV installation Services.

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